Abington Home Remodeling: Focus on French Doors

“I wanted to love my kitchen. I really did,” Jaime H. said. “But it was just so dark. Over the years, I tried everything. We put in new lights, track lighting and task lighting, to brighten it up.  I even painted the cabinets white.” She shrugged. “Nothing worked.  But then my husband decided we needed a back porch on this house.”

The couple called their Abington building contractor about the project.  “He came out and we looked at the house. That’s when we learned the value of hiring an experienced contractor. He suggested that we extend the porch just a little longer than we’d originally planned, so we could have an entrance directly into the kitchen.  His reasoning was that this would make entertaining a lot easier.  He was right – but the real benefit of the change was installing French doors in the kitchen wall.”

When the French doors were installed, the kitchen that was once so dark was suddenly flooded with natural light.  “It was amazing how the room looked so different once the sun could come in,” Jaime said. “The space was transformed.  I love being in the kitchen now.”

French doors offer homeowners  the ability to enjoy easy access to their home and plenty of natural light.  This is important in our region, where winter days can be short.  Abundant natural light is thought to play a role in combatting depression and seasonal affective disorder.  You don’t have to be blue during the holidays! Replacement doors and windows can help make your home a healthier place.

If you’d like to have French doors installed in your home, you want to work with a replacement door and window company that uses the highest quality products. The installation team should be experienced and willing to guarantee their work.  If you’d like to learn more about what superior French door installation looks like, contact us today!