Abington: Vinyl Siding A Top Choice For 16 Years

The US Census Bureau tracks a lot of information about the American people. One of the items they keep track of is the exterior cladding on our home. They count how many homes have vinyl siding, how many have brick siding, how many have wooden clapboard siding, and so on. It turns out that vinyl siding is our country’s top choice – and it’s been so for over 15 years!

Nationally, vinyl siding is the exterior of choice for over one-third of all homeowners.  Vinyl siding is particularly popular in the Northeast, in towns like Abington.  Vinyl siding commands 84 percent of the market here, a fact that’s completely understandable when you consider the frigid winters and sweltering summers we experience. Vinyl siding has the durability and color-fastness to look great year after year after year.

Vinyl siding is the top exterior cladding choice for homes valued up to half a million dollars. (After that, stucco takes over – but vinyl is a strong second choice, preferred by 30% of the homeowners who have residences in the $500 K-$750 K range)

Abington Vinyl Siding: Right For Your Home?

Are you thinking about vinyl siding for your Abington home? We all want to live on a healthy planet. Many people are surprised to find out that vinyl siding is a green building choice.  Sustainability is important. Using vinyl siding can help a home quality for LEED certification. Vinyl siding adds to your home’s R-value – that means your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If you’re interested in learning more about how vinyl siding can help you save energy and money, talk to your Abington vinyl siding contractors.

For sixteen years, vinyl siding has been the top choice of home owners in our region. See what vinyl can do for your home.