Braintree: How Planet-Friendly Is Vinyl Siding?

“Yeah, I’ve heard that vinyl siding is the green building choice,” Margaret said, “But how true is that really? It’s probably just sales hype.”

We run into people like Margaret all of the time – individuals who are very concerned that they make the best building choices with their home, for the planet’s sake. We only have one Earth, after all!

Luckily, vinyl siding is a very planet-friendly exterior cladding choice.  In fact, vinyl siding scores well on tough environmental measures through all life-cycle stages, including raw material acquisition, manufacture, transportation, installation, use and waste management.

Very little waste is generated during the manufacture of vinyl siding.¬† Compare this to other forms of exterior cladding, and you’ll find that vinyl siding is the clear winner. Additionally, minimal waste occurs during the installation process. Working with a skilled Braintree vinyl installation team ensures the job is done right.

Greenhouse gasses are important. Vinyl siding emits fewer toxic chemicals and less dioxin than other types of exterior cladding over the course of its lifetime. Dioxin is really bad news: this toxic chemical is produced as a result of some common manufacturing processes, including making paper and pesticides. Dioxin is thought to contribute to cancer, endocrine disruptions, immune system failures and more. Choosing high quality vinyl siding in Braintree means you don’t have to worry about dioxin levels in your home. You’re making a choice that’s healthy for your family, and healthy for the planet.

When you have vinyl siding installed in Braintree, you realize several benefits.

Choosing vinyl siding can help you increase your home’s R value: this means your home stays warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. This reduces the amount of energy you need to use to heat and cool the planet – good for the planet and your budget.