Braintree Home Owner: Are Replacement Windows Worth the Money?

“When we bought this house, we had no idea it would cost so much to keep it warm in the winter,” Stanley said.

“Or cool in the summer,” his wife Melissa agreed.  “Our utility bills were through the roof.”  The couple, first time homeowners in the Braintree area, talked to Melissa’s father about the situation.  “Dad recommended we look at our windows. He said having replacement windows installed would save us a lot of money.”

Stanley was dubious at first.  “You hear people talk about how good it is to have replacement windows installed, but really? How much difference can windows make?”

The answer to that question is actually quite a bit, according to home energy efficiency experts.  Leaky windows and doors can be responsible for up to 50% of a home’s energy loss, especially if they’re inefficient single pane windows.  Energy that leaks out the windows and doors is energy that’s not keeping your family comfortable – but it’s energy you still have to pay for!

“We wanted replacement windows that matched the style of the house,” Melissa said.  “So when we talked to our Braintree replacement window company, we had a very specific look in mind.  They were great. I hadn’t realized that replacement windows were available in so many styles and finishes. And they’re customizable. If you need a specific size or shape, they’ll make it right up for you.”

“I didn’t want to have to do anything,” Stanley said. “I don’t want to remove old windows or cut walls or install sills or any of that. I’m not good at that type of thing, and I hate doing it. We interviewed several Braintree replacement window companies until I found one that could do the whole job. They were fast, polite, and professional. I couldn’t believe how fast the replacement windows were installed.”

It only took two months for the savings to begin showing on the family’s utility bill. “It’s quite a difference,” Melissa said. “I honestly didn’t expect to save that much money right off the bat. It’ll take a little while to recover the entire cost of the windows, but that’s okay. In the meantime, our house looks better and is way more comfortable. We’re saving money every month. I’d definitely say replacement windows were worth the money.”

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