Bridgewater: Does Vinyl Siding Fade in the Sun?

The maintenance-free appeal of vinyl siding makes it a top choice of many Bridgewater homeowners. People do have concerns and questions about vinyl siding, though. One of the most common questions we hear is does vinyl siding fade in the sun? How long will vinyl siding look good on the home?

We can tell you, with absolute confidence, that all vinyl siding will fade with time.  Sun exposure reduces the brightness and intensity of the color in a natural, slow and gradual process.  How quickly will vinyl siding fade? The answer to that question depends directly on the quality of the vinyl siding.  Low-quality, inferior grades of vinyl siding fade faster and more significantly than better, thicker grades of vinyl siding that offer more colorfastness. Quality matters! Low-grade vinyl can fade in less than ten years, while today’s best quality vinyl siding comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Sometimes the old proverb is true: you get what you pay for! Your home is your largest investment. Choose high quality vinyl siding for protection that looks good and lasts!

Bridgewater Vinyl Siding: What Are The Options?

We proudly use and recommend Alside Siding and CertainTeed Siding. Sustainable building is a top concern for Bridgewater homeowners. If you’re interested in LEED certification for your home, making the right vinyl siding choices can move you closer to that goal.  Like to learn more? Contact us.  We’re your Bridgewater Vinyl Siding Installation specialists.

Once upon a time, homeowners were told to choose lighter hues of vinyl siding to reduce the impact of sun fade.  Today, you don’t have to limit yourself. Vinyl siding comes in a number of finishes, including smooth, rough cedar, brushed, and woodgrain. Choose dark colors with confidence: whether you choose chocolate brown or cranberry red, you’ll be able to enjoy color that lasts.