Bridgewater Vinyl Siding: For the Older Homeowner

Did you know what the fastest growing demographic group in the Bridgewater area is? It turns out that there are more seniors – and those who are soon to be seniors – than there are any other homeowners. When we talk about home ownership, we have to consider the maintenance and upkeep of those homes.

Are your aging parents in a position, physically, to deal with the vigorous, demanding task of painting the house every couple of years. Think about your Mom balancing on a ladder. Is your Dad really up to scraping down entire walls’ worth of flaking, splintered paint?

Sometimes the answer to that question is “Sure!”

Sometimes, the answer to that question is not “Sure!”

At that point, you have two choices.  The first is to seamlessly fold painting your parent’s home into your busy schedule.  (Right!) You could pay someone to paint your parent’s house for them. That means handing over a lot of money to a contractor every couple of years.  Or, if you’re into saving time and money, you could talk with your Bridgewater vinyl siding installation company.

Vinyl siding requires minimal maintenance.  The color is strong, bright, vivid and lasting: it will not fade for years; even decades.  There’s no painting required.  The color goes straight through, so minor nicks, scratches and dings don’t even show.  Every so often, a session with the pressure washer keeps the home looking tidy and well-maintained.  If you’re doing this for your parents, you’ll want to know it only takes a few hours at most; if you’re outsourcing the job to a local handyman, you’ll find it’s much easier on your budget than the painting would be.

Your Bridgewater vinyl siding installation company can help your family choose the best color, style, and quality vinyl siding for your parent’s home.  Installation is quick and professionally done. All your parents have to do is enjoy!