Errands Etcetera – “Because every busy woman needs a wife!”

This morning I had the opportunity to sit down with Stacy Mafera from Errands Etcetera and have a great conversation about our businesses. I’ve known Stacy for a while from my South Shore Women’s Business Network group. This is an organization that brings women business owners from around the South Shore for Connections, Coaching and Collaboration.


What I learned from Stacy is that Errands Etcetera will handle any and all of your ‘to-do’ list for you. They are here to offer an extra pair of hands to tackle all of the things that you just can’t seem to find the time to get to! They do it all:

  • Errands
  • Home organizing,
  • Grocery shopping
  • Housekeeping
  • Meal planning & preparation,
  • Waiting for the repair man
  • We’ll even walk the dog.
  • Business Services: Virtual Assistant, Courier, Office Organizing, Social Media Coaching, Event Planning
  • And more.

What I found interesting while talking to Stacy is how passionate she is about her business. Even though she graduated from UMass in 2005 she knows she needs to keep learning and keep improving. And show just that as she was reading a book on marketing when I arrived.

Although she has clients across all demographic she markets primarily to the busy working woman using the tag line “Because every working woman needs a wife”.  As a woman in business and a new mother I thought to myself, how true while we talked. Take for example the fact that Errands Etcetera will prepare all you dinners for the week – how much time and stress could take save on a particularly busy week?

So if you need an extra pair of hands all the time or just for a particularly busy week please give Errands Etcetera a call: 703-304-406   Visit the blog:

And don’t forget to give us a call at CAT Exteriors for all of your remolding to-do’s. CAT Exteriors is in Hanover Ma, and serves many South Shore towns like: Bridgewater, Halifax, Hanson, Weymouth and Pembroke for all of your Exterior Remodeling needs (Replacement Windows, Siding, Roofing, Decking, Doors)