Financing Now Available

CAT Exteriors clients have often asked about the option to finance their project thru us. Because they like working with a family run local business so CAT now offers Financing for remodeling projects, up to $25,000 for qualified borrowers.

Our ability to offer financing has now made it possible to again complete a remodeling job on you home without using up all of your savings. And most remodeling jobs under $7,500 can be financed without a secured loan.

All our CAT Exteriors team needs to do is take some information and have an answer for you in you home in less than 10 minutes.

What kind of information will we need? All you need is a few pay stubs and some everyday documents.

How to pay for a remodeling project has often been one of the harder choices for homeowners: with either a personal bank loan, a home equity loan, or a combination of savings and loans.   But since the financial collapse of the banking system, these options have been severally limited for most average homeowners who still pay their bills but might not look like a good risk on paper, or are upside down on their homes value.   For these types of homeowners lines or credit and personal loans have been hard to obtain the last few years.

That is why we at CAT Exteriors have searched out a way for you to get a loan and be able to have the remodeling project you want without having to save up for years.

Some of the features of our new program include:

No Appraisal required.
FICO score as low as 620 accepted.
Bankruptcy Okay
No Money Down
We have a 75-80% Approval Rate
Fixed rates as Low as 9.99%
No Prepayment Penalty
Secured & Unsecured Loans Available

Tell us what you want pay each month and we will see if we can make it happen.

Just call or go on line to for more information and to schedule an appointment for you remodeling project.   You next project is just a few dollars a month away.

We’ll finance roofs – siding- windows – kitchens – baths – decks – basement remodels as well as small additions.