Halifax Vinyl Siding Installers: How Do I Know My Siding Won’t Sag?

We’re doing over our house, and I have to admit that my husband has me pretty well sold on the benefits of vinyl siding.  We’re a really green family, so knowing that vinyl siding is a sustainable building material makes me really happy. And who wouldn’t love the no-maintenance-required convenience of vinyl siding? I’m more than thrilled to never pick up a paintbrush again.

But I do have a concern.  I’ve seen plenty of homes in our region where the vinyl siding sags.  It looks like it’s drooping. Sometimes the siding even gaps, and you can see the boards below.  I don’t want that. I really don’t want that. How do I know my Vinyl siding won’t sag?

What a great question! We’re glad that you’re well on the way to choosing vinyl siding for your home. As you say in your letter, vinyl siding is a green building material – it’s the exterior of choice for LEED certification! Vinyl siding requires no painting: you’ll love the color that lasts for years and years.

Vinyl siding sags for two reasons. The first is the quality of the vinyl siding. Lower grades of inferior vinyl siding just aren’t robust enough to stand up to four seasons of Halifax weather, year after year after year.  This flimsy material deteriorates with time, cracking, bowing, and even sagging as a result.

The other reason vinyl siding sags is the quality of the installation job.  Even high quality vinyl siding can not perform well if it is installed incorrectly. Too often, contractors in a hurry cut corners, and don’t take the time to install the vinyl siding properly. Gravity works every day, and vinyl siding that is not secure will inevitably head toward the ground.

For sag-proof siding, choose a team of highly qualified Halifax vinyl siding installers: they’ve got the experience to do the job right.