Holbrook Custom Home Builders: Siding A New Addition

Adding extra space to your home can make your family happier and far more comfortable. Holbrook homeowners can expand their homes by adding extra rooms, or by building up with a second or third story addition. One question homeowners often have is what’s the best way to side a new addition.

The first consideration to take into account is what type of siding do you have on the rest of the home. In some cases, such as a brick home, the budget dictates another cladding choice for the exterior. Vinyl siding is an excellent value. It is durable enough to stand up to all four seasons of Holbrook weather without fading, cracking, or splitting. Aesthetically, it pairs well with all types of existing exterior siding: the wide range of colors and finishes available for Vinyl Siding in Holbrook gives you many choices to complement your home’s look.

If you already have vinyl siding installed, you may want your addition sided to match. In Holbrook, you’ve got the benefit of an experienced, expert vinyl installation team that can make that happen. Today’s vinyl siding colors are vibrant and long lasting. You won’t have to worry about them fading.

One of the main advantages of choosing vinyl siding in Holbrook is the fact that vinyl requires little, if any, maintenance. You don’t have to paint vinyl siding. The color goes right through, so minor scratches and scuffs don’t even show. Many homeowners do pressure wash the house every year or so – it’s very affordable to have a handyman do this if you don’t want to do it yourself. Painting wooden siding on the other hand is a chronic expense. You will save money on home maintenance and upkeep when you choose vinyl siding.

If you need to choose siding for your home addition in Holbrook, give us a call! We’ve got all the information you need to make a good decision.