Simple Change, Dramatic Results: Holbrook Vinyl Siding

“Is this the same house? I can’t believe it’s the same house!” Elayna’s mother-in-law was gushing, and Elayna couldn’t contain a smile of her own.  Her family had expressed some significant hesitations when she and John had purchased their first home – a fixer upper just outside of Holbrook – but now, a year later, things were different.

“We had vinyl siding installed,” she explained.  “We found a great Holbrook vinyl siding company that explained what our exterior cladding options were, and helped us choose a very high quality vinyl siding. This stuff is amazing. To me, it looks like wooden clapboard – and it’s only a fraction of the price. The siding that was on this place was just terrible – flimsy stuff from the seventies.  Replacing it with new vinyl siding totally transformed the look of the house.”

Another reason why Elayna is so happy about her new vinyl siding is that Holbrook vinyl siding requires no maintenance.  “We never have to paint it! The color goes right on through, so if there’s ever a scratch or ding or whatnot, it won’t even show. In the spring, we can give the house a quick spray with a hose to keep everything looking fresh. But we don’t need to do more than that.”

Vinyl siding in Holbrook is a popular and cost-effective choice. High quality vinyl siding stands up to all four seasons of New England weather, from our scorching summers to the amazingly frigid winters we can have, without splitting, tearing, or cracking.  The color lasts for years and years without fading, and there’s no maintenance required to keep your home looking great.

Having vinyl siding installed in Holbrook is an easy way to radically transform the look of your home.  Many of the older homes in our region have been previously remodeled, and sometimes the siding used in those remodels hasn’t really stood the test of time. Vinyl siding technology has evolved tremendously over the years, and today is a durable, high quality product that any Holbrook homeowner can be proud of.