Ask Your Holbrook Vinyl Siding Company: What Maintenance Does Vinyl Siding Require?

“I’m so excited to finally become a homeowner. It’s taken a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears to get to this point.” Monica recently purchased her first home, a lovely two-story house in the South Shore area. “Now that I have this home, it’s on me to take care of it! Before I make my final decision about this exterior remodel, I want to know, what maintenance does vinyl siding require?”

When you’re choosing your home’s exterior finish, maintenance is a huge consideration you must take into account.  We all want our homes to look great. We want our homes to look great for a long time – not just for the first few years. That’s why it’s essential to understand what type of maintenance vinyl siding requires – and how that compares to other popular exterior finishes.

Vinyl siding requires very little – almost no!- maintenance.  You don’t ever have to paint vinyl siding.  The advanced technologies used in the production of today’s high quality Holbrook vinyl siding delivers colorfastness that lasts and lasts! The color goes right through, so if for any reason your siding gets scratched or nicked, the damage won’t show. Most homeowners have the exteriors of their home washed every few years to keep the house looking fresh – a simple job that can be done in a single afternoon.

Compare that to wooden clapboard siding.  Although wooden exteriors are a traditional favorite, they require a ton of maintenance.  The house needs to be painted every few years: an expensive job that takes days, even weeks, to complete. If you hire a painter, you’re looking at a large expense.  When the paint chips, flakes, or peels, your home is left vulnerable to damaging environmental conditions. Excessive moisture and harsh winter conditions can cause wooden siding to deteriorate, meaning you’ve got expensive repairs to make. Holbrook vinyl siding, on the other hand, is designed for top performance through all four seasons.

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