Insulated Vinyl Siding – Top Pick for 2012

Did you know that Insulated Vinyl Siding has been included in Builder as one of the TEN products you should use in 2012.

Insulated Vinyl Siding is nice because “Not only do you get an air and moisture infiltration barrier, but you also get a thermal break that stops heat transmission.  Moreover, boards can be installed straighter, so walls look better.”*

Insulated Vinyl siding is just like regular siding except that it includes ridged foam
insulation on the backside. The insulation can either be laminated or  permanently attached to the panel. These panels can help reduce energy loss through  the homes framing of building material.

According to the Vinyl Siding Institutes Website “The 2012  International Energy Conservation Code includes insulated siding among the
materials that can be used as insulation outside the building to provide the  required R-value (a measure of thermal resistance) for buildings in the coldest  climates.”

If you are considering Insulated Vinyl Siding for your home, we would recommend looking into the federal Weatherization Assistance Program; which is a program that enables low-income families to reduce their energy bills by making their home more efficient with energy saving products.

For more information about the rest of Builder Online’s Top 10 Products to use in 2012 or whether insulated vinyl siding is a good option for your South Shore home please give us a call.