The Great Energy Leak

The Great Energy Leak is where almost 40% of your heating and cooling loss is through the sides of your home.

This happens because wood studs make up 1/4 of your home’s exterior–so it’s like having one entire wall with NO INSULATION! Insulated Siding with Fullback Technology™ is the most energy-efficient siding you can find! Nearly half of your home’s energy bill is spent on heating and cooling, so slashing energy use will save you money!

Rigid foam insulation form-fitted behind the exterior of the siding panel delivers up to 5 times the R-value of any other exterior siding product on the market today.

Insulated Siding can improve the R-Value of existing walls, resulting in energy and utility bill saving.

Insulated siding has been added to the checklist of building products or methodologies that can help qualify homes under ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes

Insulated siding is stronger than normal siding, because the foam backing makes it thicker.

Insulated siding is less likely to dent or bend than standard siding, and stands up to harsh weather conditions.

Insulated siding is considered a “green building” product because it reduces energy consumption and can reduce are pollution.

Insulated siding can helps block sound, reducing noise from the exterior.

Some companies offer Insulated siding panels (like Prodigy by Alside) which are longer than the standard 12’ which enables a straighter, cleaner exterior appearance with fewer overlaps. Especially popular with people who want the efficiency of Insulated siding but aren’t sold on the look of vinyl siding.

Fight back and save energy costs every day with Insulated Siding! It’s the news your energy company DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE: INSULATED SIDING reduces the heating and cooling energy loss through your walls by up to 20%.