Pembroke: Why Is My Vinyl Siding Noisy?

Nailed It!“Why is my vinyl siding noisy?”  This question was asked recently on the website, and we think correspondent Peter Hotton did a good job answering it.

There are two aspects to consider: one is the physical nature of vinyl siding, which, like any solid material, expand slightly during warm weather and contract slightly during cold weather.  This can cause some noise, but rarely does it disturb the homeowner. The second aspect has to do with the way your vinyl siding was installed.

It’s really important that your Pembroke vinyl siding is installed properly. Nailing the siding too tightly to the wall, as Peter Hotton suggested in his piece, can certainly result in noisy vinyl siding. When the nails are too tight, it’s impossible for the vinyl siding to move naturally with temperature changes.To avoid this situation, you want to work with a Pembroke vinyl installation team that knows how to do the job right – and prides themselves on high quality vinyl siding installation.

One of the most frustrating things we see is when homeowners, who obviously love and care about their homes, make the decision to invest in high quality vinyl siding – only to have it installed by someone who just didn’t know what they were doing. Hammering the nails too tightly is one problem, but it’s hardly the only mistake that can be made by amateur vinyl siding installers.  Your home is your largest investment.  You should trust it to someone who knows what they’re doing!

CAT Exteriors has been around since 1959! This means they’re one of the  most experienced and professional vinyl installation companies on the South Shore.  As a full-service construction company, we do more than install vinyl siding. We replace windows and doors, add decks and patios, do roof repair and replacement, and anything else you need to transform the house you have into the home you want! Considering vinyl siding? Not sure if the people who installed your siding did the job properly? Call us: you deserve a beautiful, comfortable, and quiet home!