Quincy: Why Vinyl Siding is a Good Choice for Your Parent’s New Home

“I thought Mom and Dad were going to live in their home forever, I guess,” Dylan M. said. “I just never really thought about it.  But then Dad had his stroke, and it’s been hard for Mom to keep up with everything.  Downsizing made sense.  We just wanted them to find a home they’d both be happy in.”

Many people are finding that they need to help their adult parents find a new living situation as their parents get older.  Changing health conditions and mobility may mean that it’s easier to live in a one-story home, rather than a two story or split level home. Maintenance is also an issue.  Everyone wants to live in a home that’s warm, safe, and attractive, but not everyone is equally prepared to do the work that goes into keeping a house up.

“We chose vinyl siding for Mom and Dad’s new place because there’s literally no maintenance.  There’s no need to worry about painting the place – Dad used to do it himself every few years, you know? After his stroke, Mom looked into having the painters come, but you would not believe how much that costs! Having vinyl siding installed in Quincy was the much more cost-effective solution.”

There was another reason why Dylan’s mother was excited about Quincy vinyl siding.  “She’d apparently always wanted a blue house,” Dylan said.  “It’s the first I ever heard about it, but when we were talking to the Quincy vinyl siding company, and Mom got to see the wide range of colors available, she got so excited.  ‘After forty years of a white house, I’m ready for something different’ she said. It’s a little thing, but it made a big difference for Mom.”

If you’re helping your parents with their home, talk to them about Quincy vinyl siding.  Many seniors report feelings of tremendous relief when they learn they don’t have to worry about painting the house anymore. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!