Ten Things to Know when Buying Replacement Windows

By Terry Quinn: CS, CAGR, CAPS, VSI

Not all windows are the same. Some met Energy Star requirements and some don’t. There are many things we could go over but here are ten things you should know when evaluating & choosing windows and a professional installer.

1. Most advertisements that you see in the paper or mailings that list a price also list a United Inch size.
a.A United Inch is a figure arrived at by adding the width and the height together….so a 30 inch wide and 57 inch window is 87 united inches.
b.Many advertisements that you see for windows as low as $159 etc…are for small windows with a low united inch number.

2. Many advertisements that you see with prices included in the ad do not include installed pricing.

3. Replacement windows are installed in the frame of the existing window.
a.If you want to install a window that is a larger or smaller size than existing we may recommend a new construction window.

4. Most replacement window installations do not require new interior or exterior trim to be installed.
a. The existing interior trim can be removed and reinstalled. This will require some touch up paint be done.

5. The most important part of a replacement window installation is the insulating around the new units frame and the old window frame.
a. If you have an older home where the old windows had a weight/pulley system this also include making sure the old weight pocket is stuffed with insulation before the new window is installed.

6. Most installations require removal of storm windows if they exist.
a. As long as you pick a quality replacement window (like the Excalibur) you won’t need the storm windows anyway because the new windows are much better insulated and energy efficient.

7. Grids can be order “between the glass
a. There are many different Decorative Options available to you based on you and your homes personal style. They can add style and dimension to your windows.
b. You can choose from a Classic grids, Contoured Grids, or Gold Tone Brass Grid patterns.
c. There are also options available in replacement windows for V-Grooved Cut Glass where you can add a cut polished V-grooved glass pattern into your window for the perfect touch of elegance.

8. Most window replacement jobs require RRP Protection
a. If you house was built before 1978 and you do not have a lead report stating you house is free of lead paint you are required to work with an RRP licensed contractor by the EPA.

9. Tax Credits are still available.
a.  Although less tax credit money is available now than in previous years when you purchase new products that meet energy efficiency guidelines you may be eligible to take advantage of these incentives.

10. Replacement windows can be designed for all styles: windows, bays and bows.
a. You can choose double-hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows, garden windows, bay & bow windows, and even sliding patio doors.
b. Replacement windows come in vinyl, wood, steel and a combination of each.

We could go in to a lot of detail on each of these ten items plus many more, so please let us know if you have a specific question or would like more information about any of the topics mentioned above. Also Cat Exteriors has Summer Window Promotions happening thru August 30, 2011