The New Year is Brining New Vinyl Siding Colors to Massachusetts

I was just reading the latest edition of “Trade Talk News” which is a quarterly review of Tips, techniques and News for Contractors and there was a great article about new Vinyl Siding Colors I wanted to share.

As we start our New Year manufacturers will be coming out with their new product lines and colors. It looks like Certainteed is no exception. Certainteed is well know for among other things their Vinyl Siding and Roofing Products,

According to the article “Seagrass” is the latest “it” color. And Certainteed will be offering it in their most popular siding panels and accessories including:

  •  Cedar Impressions Shakes and all Vinyl Carpentry Accessories for Cedar Impressions.
  • Monogram Panels and all matching Vinyl Carpentry Accessories
  • T 3-1/3” InvisiVent Soffit and Vertical Siding.
  • Universal soffit and Vertical Siding: T-4” Solid and fully vented soffit.

Expanded options are always good, for more information about Vinyl Siding Products and option please fill out the information request form on our main page.