Top 5 Reasons to Replace your Skylights when Replacing your Roof

5. Prevent Leaks – Re-Roofing is Tough on Existing Skylights
            Many Skylight service calls coincide with re-roofing projects. The stress of re-roofing can compromise the integrity of old skylights.

 4. Coinciding Warranty – 
            New VELUX “No Leak” Skylights offer an industry first, comprehensive 10 year “No Leak” warranty that covers the skylight and its installation against leaks for 10 years. You’re getting a new roof with a new warranty – what better time to replace your skylights, also with a new warranty!

 3. Improved Energy Efficiency
            VELUX “No Leak” Skylights offers advanced Low-E3 coating to provide more daylight and better heat control than any other glass previously offered for year round comfort and energy savings.

           (Could save $50-80 a year in energy costs – most glass skylights 15+ are very inefficient because they do not have Low-E at all – old plastic skylights are even less efficient.)

2. Control the Light – Shading and Window Treatments
            All VELUX skylights offer a variety of electric, manual, and solar powered blinds for added comfort and energy efficiency. Solar powered blinds qualify for US government energy tax credits (30% credit for solar blind and labor – good thru 2016)

            It is the most convenient and affordable time to replace your skylights!  (Most roofers will charge up to double to have to come back and replace your skylights vs. replacing them when replacing your roof!) Most VELUX Skylights are available for up to a $200 federal tax credit

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