South Shore: Why Vinyl Siding?

In vinyl siding right for your South Shore home? Before you sneer and say “No way!” think about this: This Old House contractor Tom Silva put vinyl siding on his home over 20 years ago.  The reason why? Silva would rather spend time enjoying his boat than painting his house!

South Shore Vinyl Siding: The Low Maintenance Option for Busy Homeowners

Do you remember when we were young, and we’d see our parents, or our parent’s friends, devoting long summer weekends and evenings to painting the house? What a production! The entire house had to be scraped down, so new paint could adhere – we’re talking about long, backbreaking hours of work before you ever picked up a paintbrush! Then it was time to get down to business. Depending on the size of the house, you could spend a long weekend to an entire month painting the house – if the weather cooperated.

And here’s something that we never talked about back in the day. Not everyone who painted their house was entirely great at it.  Sure, some folks hired professional house painters – but that option was expensive then, and it’s expensive now. Other people did the job themselves, and that meant uneven paint application, runs and smears, and sometimes, sloppy work.  Not the best thing you could do for your home’s curb appeal or market value!

Today, we’ve got South Shore Vinyl Siding.  After you have your vinyl siding installed, there’s literally no maintenance.  None.  The color stays strong and true, and you never have to paint.  When things get a little dusty, a quick spray with the hose restores the fresh, attractive appearance of your home.  Suddenly, those long, lovely summer evenings and weekends are yours to enjoy once more!

South Shore Vinyl Siding looks great.  Check out these before and after pictures.  Still have questions? Contact us – we’ll be happy to help you out.