Azek Built-In Deck Storage

Need storage on your deck but don’t want to waste precious deck space?

Deck Storage Kit

AZEK In-Deck Storage Kit shown in a demo deck

Now there is a way to have storage built right into your deck. How nice would it be to store all your deck stuff right on the deck? With Azek’s new deck storage kit we can provide you the capability to store everything from lounge cushions to deck umbrellas.

Azek deck systems produces a concealed storage system that saves space and maintains a “clean” look to your new CAT built deck.

Able to fit into new decks or existing ones. A CAT installed In-Deck storage system provides storage space under the deck while maintaining walking space above. It supports up to 500 pounds on the lid surface and is designed to prevent water from getting in. The top surface blends into any of the CAT installed Azek deck products and can be modified to match your existing newer deck surface. The bin section is a bit longer than six feet and holds 17 cubic feet of storage, and can also be used as an ice chest.

Along with deck storage, CAT Exteriors, can also build benches, pool surrounds, and almost any special designed deck configuration you can think up. CAT’s standard bench design includes an integrated flower box on each end that will bring your deck to life.

Another great idea is to have a working, lockable, great looking gate installed on your deck or porch that resembles a custom application. CAT can build a single or a double gate to match your Azek rail color. Featuring a self-closing lockable latch system, your CAT installed gate is strong and sturdy and just the thing to keep your youngster from walking away while you sit and enjoy your new deck.

Remember to ask us about all the new and exciting products available to you and ask if we have any ideas that might be helpful for you unique new deck.