Weymouth: What is insulated siding?

By: Allison Q Guido, CS Installing new siding on your house is a big investment. It can really As you consider your vinyl siding options to should think about not just the basic options like what style siding you want but also should you invest in Insulated Vinyl Siding panels or not. All vinyl siding opting will provide a low maintenance exterior to your home but choosing insulated siding … [Read more...]

Ask Your Holbrook Vinyl Siding Company: What Maintenance Does Vinyl Siding Require?

"I'm so excited to finally become a homeowner. It's taken a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears to get to this point." Monica recently purchased her first home, a lovely two-story house in the South Shore area. "Now that I have this home, it's on me to take care of it! Before I make my final decision about this exterior remodel, I want to know, what maintenance does vinyl siding require?" When … [Read more...]